• Keepa Key:

  • Marketplace:

  • Minimum ROI
    Minimum Profit
    Ship to Amazon $/lb
    Sales Tax + VAT Estimate
    Additional Per-item Fee (ex. prep, 3PL)
Setup Instructions:
  1. Go to!api
  2. Copy your "Private API access key"
    Note: your key is never shared with OA2Gsheets. You can always invalidate your key and create a new one by clicking the icon.
  3. Paste your key into the "Keepa API Key" box & click submit
  4. Select your marketplace
  5. Enter your minimum ROI, profit, & additional costs. These will be used in determining your max buy cost.
  6. Download the Google Chrome Extension
  7. Open any Amazon product page and look for this icon in the buy box & offers page.
  8. Click the icon and enjoy reverse sourcing!

View this setup help video for a step-by-step video explanation: