A new tool to reverse search or "storefront stalk" other Amazon Sellers. Get all sorts of details about a seller & analyze each of their products. View your max buy cost to meet a min ROI & profit goal.

It's free! Zero, zippo, zilch. It does require a base-level paid Keepa subscription, which costs 19€/month.

Tokens are how limits on how often you access Keepa API. Standard users get a constant refill of 5 tokens/minute with a max balance of 300 tokens (fully refilled after 1 hour). Each time you search a seller, it costs 50 tokens (or 10 if the seller has recently been searched). It costs an 1 token to load a product's stats + 1 token to load product reviews + 1 token to load a Keepa graph for a total of 3 tokens per product loaded. If you turn on token saver, you will not load product reviews or the Keepa graph. If you run out of tokens, we recommend waiting 20-60 minutes before running another search.

Email us at support@oa2gsheets.com or Tweet @OA2Gsheets. You can also fill out this Google Form for a more streamlined response.

OA2Gsheets is your ultimate product calculator & Gsheet exporter. OA2Gsheets is paid; Reverse Source is free. Reverse Source is primarily a web app that allows you to synthesis another seller's products efficiently.